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Ball Don't Lie

Create-a-Caption: One bro gets heated; another remains chill

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J.J. Redick of the Orlando Magic and Lou Amundson of the Indiana Pacers. (AP)

Chill out, J.J. Redick. I know that sometimes people's sweaty, flailing arms get tangled up during basketball games, and that can be frustrating, but if you blow your stack about it, you are going to get T'd up, throw off your game and imbalance yourself. Remember: A bro divided against himself cannot stand.

You should try to be more like your bro Lou Amundson. Peaceful, easy feelings. Solid ponytails. Deep breaths. Great vibes. Very Californian. Namaste.

Best caption wins a trip to the chillout tent. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Vince Carter kicks the flavor like Stephen King kicks horror.

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Vince Carter, still as good off one leg as most dudes are off two. (Getty Images)

Winner, Jeffrey B: It's the only defense Vince Carter knows: self-defense.

Runner-up, Boops: Some kinks still need to be worked out with the new helium insole Air Jordans.

Second runner-up, Trh2000_: Today's ball save, brought to you by the letter F.

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