Create-a-Caption: 'OK, so that's where you bought the Slim Jims?'

Dan Devine
January 25, 2011
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"Yeah, back behind that curtain, through the tunnel, past the Secret Service."

"All right, well, three things, Mike. One: There's definitely no Secret Service agents over there, because as we've discussed before, you're not really President Basketball; that's just a creator-owned comic book you're working on. Two: I think Coach will get super pissed if he knows you're just wandering to the concession stand after you sub out, so you should probably just stay put when you get to the bench. And three: Those aren't Slim Jims. They're branded bracelets."

"Mmmm, no, I'm pretty sure they're Slim Jims, Garth."

[sigh] "Once again, Mike: Not my name."

"Yes, please."

"Didn't ask you if you wanted anything."

Just my take on a typical conversation between Kevin Love(notes) and Michael Beasley(notes), probably. Best caption wins the opportunity to create your own comic, just so long as you don't infringe on the intellectual property of President Basketball (patent pending). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Crisp Bosh. One shot, two words, too good. Boom.

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Winner, Waynehead: Chris Bosh(notes): "I remember that game. Kevin Dyson was that close to the tying TD."

NOTE: Bonus points for creative diggin' in the memory crates. Also, sorry, Readers of Tennessee.

Runner-up, chaoz_golem: Bosh applauds the Toronto Raptors for not playing any defense. "Defense is how people get injured!"

Second runner-up, Mike G: Bosh: "That's the last time I let [Carlos Arroyo(notes)] try on suits for me."