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Create-a-Caption: You never think about Super Glue until it is too late

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Udonis Haslem is in a bad way. (AP)

Udonis Haslem is never going to stop yelling at teammate and point guard Mario Chalmers for the Big 3's latest, most heinous prank. Whether he actually did anything is immaterial; he will be the receptacle for all of the rage. We all have our parts to play.

Best caption wins some very sound Goo Gone solutions, which UD might need right about meow. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Juwan Howard is a champion.

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Juwan Howard loves everyone and everything. (Getty Images)

Winner, Kernst: "This is to all the people who said I was too old and senile to win a championship! Now, someone hold this baby!"

Runner-up, JakeVozquel: "This one's for C-Webb, Jalen Rose and ... and ... the other two guys from the Fab 5! Jimmy Page and Robert Plant! No, no, thats not it. Well ... you know who you are!"

NOTE: We salute you, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson. You are appreciated.

Second runner-up, Azv321: "Trophy, I served with Larry O'Brien, I knew Larry O'Brien, Larry O'Brien was a friend of mine. Trophy, you're no Larry O'Brien."

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Dollarmenunaire Division, goes to TokenAG, who busted this dope move: Juwan Howard's face when he realizes that his AARP card gets him a discount at LIV.

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