Create-a-Caption: More like ‘Chuckles’ Barkley, right? (Right!)

Dan Devine
Ball Don't Lie

I've been trying to figure out what had Charles Barkley so summarily tickled following Reggie Miller's speech after being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., on Friday, and I think I've narrowed it down to three options:

1. While hugging Reggie, Magic Johnson farted;

2. Cheryl Miller is doing her impression of Cesar Romero as the Joker, which has been Charles' favorite since he was a li'l bitty Round Mound of Rebound;

3. He finds the amount of angst and frustration I still feel at what Reggie did to the Knicks absolutely hilarious.

Hard to say, really. (I'm leaning toward No. 1.)

But maybe I'm missing something. What do you think has Mr. Barkley guffawing so? Best caption wins another reasonable option — Paul Rudd's clean-up scene from "Wet Hot American Summer." Good luck.

In our last adventure: New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson thinks this is the weirdest ballet he's ever seen.

Winner, Larry B: Mrs. Woodson: "Honey, you have to try new things, broaden your horizons."

Mike Woodson: "Yeah, high-maintenance, self-centered, multimillion-dollar prima donnas — I never would have experienced such a phenomenon if we didn't come to this fashion show. It's a totally different world from where I work."

Runner-up, Russell S: Mike Woodson is definitely the Miranda of the group.

Second runner-up, Mad D: "Hi, I'm Mike Woodson — oh, my seats are way back there? Let me try this again. I'm Suge Knight and I'll be sitting up front tonight."