Create-a-Caption: Mike Woodson sees a little silhouetto of a man

Dan Devine
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Scaramouche, Scaramouche, J.R. does the fandango.

Never knew you could hit the high notes, Coach Woodson. We're learning all kinds of things about you this year.

Best caption wins a ride with Wayne and Garth, who I like to think of as proto-bloggers, basement communication-wise. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Oh, Tony Parker, you've got mischief in your eyes.

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Winner, Larry B.: French people can find sexual innuendoes in the most innocuous of questions from reporters: "Tony, can you please explain how you were able to penetrate so effectively today?"

Runner-up, Gonzalo: Parker shows his new trademark move: the Euro-stare.

Second runner-up, Al-Rayyan: "Oh, congrats on the 7th seed, Lakers. It would be a shame ... if SOMEONE ... SWEPT you guys."