Create-a-Caption: Mike James shows these young fellas how a grown man wears shorts

Dan Devine
March 27, 2013
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And every single young fella refused to comply. Understandably so. Take it easy, Gramps.

Best caption wins a pretty weird public service announcement. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Even Kobe Bryant's defense is offensive. Just ask Klay Thompson. (Plenty of good work out here, folks.)

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Winner, Matt S. The only pick the Lakers have until 2015.

NOTE: Not necessarily! The Lakers COULD wind up getting the Memphis Grizzlies' second-rounder this year. Still, though: Yes, basically, and quite good!

Runner-up (TIE!), Almighty Snail: Honk, honk.

Runner-up (TIE!), Fanta Pants: On 17 attempts and gambles causing missed rotations and late transition D, the only thing Kobe Bryant managed to steal on the night was Klay Thompson's nose.

Second runner-up (TIE!), Youngnakker: ViNose.

Second runner-up (TIE!), Huan: "That's not how you do CPR, dude."