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Create-a-Caption: Metta World Peace promotes a little place called America

Dan Devine
Ball Don't Lie

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Of thee I sing. (WireImage)

A giant burger, a giant order of fries, a giant chocolate milkshake, a giant logo advertising a brand on your shirt, a giant thumb's up and a giant, friendly smile. Metta World Peace is, and remains, our greatest patriot, Canadian weather forecasting notwithstanding.

Let's hear your best pro-America, pro-former Ron Artest slogans. Best caption wins the only non Tru Warior Entertainment song that would make sense as Metta's theme music. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! Shaquille O'Neal is having a staring contest. Bill Walton is having a metaphysical conversation that will last 10 lifetimes.

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Are we witnessing a tense moment or the blossoming of a lifelong friendship? (Getty Images)

Winner, M: Shaq isn't too sure about those "Casual Encounters" on Craigslist anymore.

Runner-up, Trevor: Shaq: "I'm funnier than you on Twitter."

Walton: "Umm, that's not me Shaq."

NOTE: Also, that "parody" account isn't funny, which makes two goofs for the price of one in this comment! Well done, Trevor.

Second runner-up, EJ: Doesn't look like Bill's "Shazaam" joke is going over very well.

A Special Commendation In Ruling, We Love You Matthew Dellavedova Division, goes to Gareth Smith, who offered this caption: Walton: "If you want to be considered the greatest center in Lakers history, you have to do better movies. 'Kazaam' ain't no 'Flying High.'"

... which earns our praise, of course, because the "Airplane!" movies — which famously featured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — were released theatrically in Australia, New Zealand and in parts of Asia with the title "Flying High!" Good on ya, Gareth. Thanks for reading, and may Patty Mills get many minutes for the San Antonio Spurs this year.

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