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Create-a-Caption: ‘What do you mean you do not love Cetera, Larry?’

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When so summarily confused, one can only smile. (Getty Images)

"But Larry, I thought you were from Chicago."

An incredulous Nene still doesn't really "get" how American musical culture works, but his Brazilian national teammate Larry Taylor's a patient man. Together, they'll get there.

Best caption wins Nene's inspiration, which, duh. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Really seems like the refs have it in for Tony Parker these days.

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Tony Parker chats with a ref. (AP)

Winner, EJ: Parker: "Can you see my nipples through this shirt?"

Ref: "Tony, I can't stop play to talk about your nipples. I'll check them out at the next dead ball."

Runner-up, Jason: "Boy, Kareem, you sure have gotten a lot shorter."

Second runner-up, Give_and_go: Ref: "NO."

Parker: "no."


Parker: "splashing."

Ref: "IN."

Parker: "in."

Ref: "THE."

Parker: "the."

Ref: "POOL."

Parker: "..."

Ref: "POOL!!"

Parker: "pool."

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