Create-a-caption: 'Look at me, dancin' like a cool guy!'

Trey Kerby

What are you doing, Anthony Johnson(notes)? I've seen dancing, and that is not dancing. I mean, technically it is, since you're moving around all crazy. But it's not good dancing. Look at Dwight behind you. Even he knows you look hilarious. Then again, he's always smiling. Best caption wins a Jamiroquai CD single. Good luck.

Previously, Anthony Morrow pouts.

Winner, Bibz: "AM: That's it Nelly!!! Ive had it. I refuse to play for a team any longer who thinks its "ok" to play Vladimir Radmonivic as a starting center. Now something must change. And until then Im going to sit here and lick all my orange bang lip gloss off til either you go or I do.
DN: Ok how ' bout we just trade you?
Am: To who?
DN: The Clippers.
Am: You know on 2nd thought, Radmonivic isnt so bad."

Runner-up, Coincidenceuno: "Anthony Morrow watches in awe as the Warrior Girls finally perform the choreography he has been perfecting since his days at Georgia Tech."

Second runner-up, tdube8: "Is that Cloris Leachman? MMMMMMM"