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Create-a-Caption: Juuuuuuust a bit outside, tried the corner and missed

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Shane Battier in the bullpen? No wonder the Miami Marlins are two games under .500. (Getty Images)

You've got to assume Shane Battier's the favorite to win MLB's No Stats All-Star Final Vote, right? I mean, he's the guy for whom the phrase was invented.

Best caption wins some thoughts on the real MLB All-Star Final Vote, plus more on this year's All-Star game, from the dudes at Big League Stew, who actually know what they are talking about. Synergy! Good luck.

In our last adventure: Austin Rivers is surprised at the negligible effect getting drafted 10th overall had on his Klout score.

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Austin Rivers 'surfs' the 'Net.' (Getty Images)

Winner, Tiltshift: "Pretty stoked no one saw these advanced statistics."

Runner-up, Triple S: "Is that monkey actually riding a pig?"

Second runner-up, Qwerv1: "Hmm, when I said that I thought Monty Williams was one of the best coaches in the NBA, my dad's Facebook status went from 'Happiest day of my life' to 'Meh.'"

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