Create-a-Caption: ‘Is that a g-g-g-g-g-g-GHOST?’

Dan Devine
January 26, 2012

It better be, Jarrett Jack. Because if it's not something that is legitimately scarier than Kevin Durant blowing past you for an in-between jumper that he cans right just about 50 percent of the time (thanks, Hoopdata shot location numbers!), then coach Monty Williams and your New Orleans Hornets teammates are going to be very, very cross with you.

If it is a ghost, though, don't sweat it, because I don't care how tough your boys say they are -- they ARE afraid of no ghost. (I mean ... whatever. You know what I mean.)

If it's not, though, then what's got Jarrett Jack so spooked? Best caption wins precisely the kind of proton pack you need to take care of any spectral situation. Good luck

In our last adventure: Sorry, Paul Silas, but your coaching directives are nowhere near as fascinating to Tyrus Thomas as that kid in the third row who literally has chocolate milkshake all over his face. Like, seriously, there's a LOT on his forehead. What are you even doing, kid?

Winner, Baersche: "Listen, Tyrus. For the last time, there is no one on our team with that name. So please, just ignore people saying that we'll be getting a lot of points from Vegas tonight."

Runner-up, ... but it doesn't tell the truth either: Tyrus Thomas explains what's been holding him back his whole career without saying a single word.

Second runner-up, Russell S: Silas: "Tyrus ... I want to focus your eyes on the end of my finger. Tyrus ... TYRUS! Keep your eyes on the end of my finger ... good ... good! Now, I want you to show the same focus out there on the court."

Tyrus: "But Coach, if I keep looking at the end of your finger, I won't be able to score or grab a rebound."

Silas: "Touché."