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Could Phil Jackson leave the Lakers? Jeanie Buss thinks so

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Is Phil Jackson the best coach in NBA history? Maybe. Or maybe he's just the best manager of egos in the history of the world. Whatever you want to call him, no one can argue that Phil Jackson hasn't won 10 NBA championships as a head coach because that is one of the truest facts on Earth. Ergo, any team would love to have him behind their bench, even if only the Bulls and Lakers have had that pleasure.

But according to his girlfriend, who just so happens to be an executive vice-president of the Lakers, those other 28 teams might have a chance at employing the legendary coach.

"I know Phil will be coaching next year, somewhere. Whether it's here or someplace else I don't know," Buss said. "There's going to be a lot of good jobs that come up this summer." [...]

"I think if they win, it's like a no-brainer he'll come back because he'll want to win three in a row," Jeanie Buss said. "But [if they don't win], if there isn't that connection, he would understand.

"A lot of good jobs" are going to be opening up this summer? Does Jeanie Buss know something we don't? Yes, probably, considering she works for the Lakers and dates Phil Jackson. But what job could possibly be opening up that would entice Phil Jackson to leave the Lakers?

The first place my brain goes to is Cleveland. It's going to be tough to keep Mike Brown around if the Cavaliers fail to win the championship, and Phil Jackson loves coaching the best players in the league. If, somehow, neither the Lakers nor the Cavs win this year's title and LeBron re-signs over the summer, Cleveland makes the most sense. Start conspiracy theorizing.

Of course, odds are this is all part of Phil Jackson's mind-game empire. He's a master at dropping little thought nuggets to the media to help turn public opinion his way. It's not a stretch to think his significant other could have picked up some of those skills in their time together. Heck, Phil Jackson might have even said, "Sure, I would coach somewhere else next year if we don't have to try to three-peat" in the hopes that his girlfriend would repeat it to the press. If you don't think he's that sneaky, then why does he sometimes have a soul patch? Exactly.

Then again, maybe he ends up in New Jersey because he likes a challenge and he could finagle $15 million out of Mikhail Prokhorov. Just kidding. Sorry, Nets.

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