Chris Bosh visits the set of ‘Parks and Recreation,’ and dunks on a kid named ‘Eric’ (Video)

Kelly Dwyer
October 4, 2013

Not only is NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ the best comedy on television, the show’s writing staff has long been amenable to shoe-horning current and former NBA players into roles on the show. Roy Hibbert, most famously, worked hard to secure a few choice spots, while Miles Plumlee and the great Detlef Schrempf have also made appearances.

Searching for a heel to highlight the fictional Pawnee, IN. versus Eagleton, IN. rivalry, the ‘Parks and Rec’ crew recently reached out to a charter member of the NBA’s black hat club – a member of the Miami Heat’s Big Three. Alan Yang, whose picture has graced this site before, wrote last night’s episode featuring a poignant cameo and thrilling line delivery from one Christopher Wesson Bosh. Watch:

You can see the rest of the episode here.

(Seriously, watch the show. Help keep it on the air forever. We have so few good entertainment options left. I mean, they just gave this piece of crap the green light.)

Some of you may recall that 'Parks and Rec' actress Aubrey Plaza is a huge, somewhat obsessed, Chris Bosh fan. And though she wasn't in this particular scene during Thursday's episode, she still managed to make it on set with the man that, weirdly, refuses to answer her tweets. Plaza dressed up as the show's fictional hairstylist, thinking that Bosh would recognize the actress, after balking on 'Parks and Rec' creator Michael Schur's insistence that she just introduce herself to him.

In a wacky twist (!), things didn't go as planned.

Plaza explains as much to Vulture:

“Big mistake. He comes in the hair and makeup trailer and I say, ‘Hey, I’m Helena. I’m going to do your hair.’ I’m thinking that he’s going to go, ‘Oh, it’s you!’ and instead, he went, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.’ He sat down, and I was like, ‘Well ... you look really good, Chris. I guess we don’t have to buzz anything or edge you up. Or, maybe, do you want me to edge you up?’ He was like, ‘No, no, I’m good.’ He said it was really nice to be there and he was being really polite, and he literally didn’t know who I was. So I kept the bit going, and I kept doing more outrageous things so that he would get a clue that it was me joking around. I picked up this Afro wig and I was like, ‘What about this? How about this fake mustache?’ and he just kept staring straight down at the floor, probably thinking to himself, ‘Wow, the hair department on this show is really crazy. All I want to do is get out of this trailer.’ The whole time I’m thinking, Well, I’ve done it so long now that I actually think it would be more awkward if I took my glasses off and went, ‘It’s me!’ That would’ve been weird.

“Eventually I said, ‘Well, you look great. You’re all set to go,’ and he went, ‘Thank you very much. Nice to meet you.’ I got a picture with him, as Helena*, and then he left. My boyfriend was a witness to it. He was in the trailer and he secretly videotaped the whole thing. I texted Amy, ‘Please, tell him that it was me,’ but she forgot. That night I went home and I tweeted a bunch of tweets. ‘Hey, @chrisbosh, that was me that did your hair today.’ He never responded to me and now all I have is a picture of us, me in character doing an Oscar-award-winning performance, as Helena the sassy hairstylist. That’s really the moral of the story. I’m an idiot and I deserved what I got, which is nothing. I did get up in his personal space, so that was cool.”

Plaza went on to say that she thinks Bosh is "like this magical creature that has superpowers. Like super-strength, and super-sensitivity, and super-sexiness."

Never meet your idols.