Carmelo's arrival is far too late for one NYC ticket broker

Kelly Dwyer
February 22, 2011

As the Knicks prepare to take on the beasts of the East with their new star-studded lineup, fans of the long-suffering team can finally start to bank on watching their beloved blue and orange acting as a playoff mainstay.

Although New York swooped in to acquire Anthony before this Thursday's trade deadline, as opposed to waiting for the impending NBA lockout to end this summer in order to sign Carmelo as a free agent, his arrival is still a few months too late for one former New York ticket broker. Adding insult to injury is the realization that Carmelo is the wrong guy, too.

Darren Rovell recently spoke with an NYC ticket broker who has lost thousands of dollars already in Knicks tickets, purchased in anticipation of LeBron James'(notes) potential move to the big apple.

From CNBC:

One broker, who left his job as an accountant to sell tickets three years ago, opened up his books for CNBC, providing that we did not mention his name.

Over the course of the last three seasons, he estimates he has lost at least $40,000 trying to get rid of his tickets. He bought 49 season tickets this year hoping the Knicks would land LeBron.

He says he has made $15,000 on this season and is relieved the team signed Anthony. His one problem? He sold his seats too early for Wednesday night's game and therefore thinks he lost a potential $10,000 in profits.

"Lost at least $40,000"? Ouch. And though this week's trade nearly guarantees a playoff berth for the Knicks, anticipating a move out of the second round might be wishful thinking. So ticket brokers are looking at possibly three playoff home games. Not exactly bank-breaking stuff.

In other Knick news, Carmelo can break all the banks that he wants, but he still can't wear his old number 15 for New York (it's retired, for Earl Monroe), and he can't take on a new number seven in New York, as he's already requested to do.

Rovell also broke the news that Carmelo asked the Knicks for number seven as the details of the trade were being completed, but NBA rules prevent players from switching numbers mid-season, and that's exactly what Knicks forward Kelenna Azubuike(notes) (who currently wears number seven, though he hasn't played a single minute this year) would have to do in order to give Anthony his hoped-for digit. Carmelo can write Kelenna a check or take him out to dinner every other night between now and June, but the league office won't allow the switch.

What number do you think Carmelo should sport? Why not reverse the 15, and go for a strange-looking 51?

UPDATE: Apparently Carmelo can wear number seven after all. Because Azubuike has been inactive all season, according to Newsday's Alan Hahn, the switch can be made. Kelenna will wear number 17.