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  1. League: NBA
  2. Golden State vs. Denver
    66 GS
    52 DEN
  3. LA Clippers vs. Portland
    52 LAC
    68 POR
  4. Phoenix vs. Sacramento
    10:43 3rd
    50 PHO
    49 SAC
  5. Indiana vs. Orlando
    101 IND
    86 ORL
  6. Chicago vs. Charlotte
    Final OT
    86 CHI
    91 CHA
  7. Washington vs. Boston
    118 WAS
    102 BOS
  8. Houston vs. New Orleans
    100 HOU
    105 NO
  9. Brooklyn vs. Cleveland
    85 BKN
    114 CLE
  10. Philadelphia vs. Miami
    100 PHI
    87 MIA
  11. Atlanta vs. Milwaukee
    111 ATL
    103 MIL
  12. Utah vs. Minnesota
    Final 2OT
    136 UTA
    130 MIN
  13. Toronto vs. New York
    92 TOR
    95 NY
  14. LA Lakers vs. San Antonio
    113 LAL
    100 SA
  15. Detroit vs. Oklahoma City
    111 DET
    112 OKC
  16. Dallas vs. Memphis
    Final OT
    105 DAL
    106 MEM
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Ball Don't Lie

Calling Skip an idiot, calling Chuck a buttface, ‘Kazaam’ jokes + chair gags: Bye, ‘Inside the NBA’

Dan Devine
Ball Don't Lie

The 2013 NBA Finals will air on ABC, which means the Miami Heat's Game 7 win over the Indiana Pacers was the final game that TNT will broadcast in this 2012-13 NBA season. That means we had to say farewell to the "Inside the NBA" crew — Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Shaquille O'Neal — for the summer. And that's noteworthy, whether it makes you sad because you think "Inside" is still great television worth watching for the interplay among Ernie, Charles and Kenny, makes you happy because you kind of feel like the addition of Shaq last season has basically ruined a once-awesome show, or makes you feel somewhere in between.

Well, wherever your sympathies lie, the gang gave you something to remember them by on Monday. Before the game, there was Charles' assessment of whether LeBron James should look to get then-struggling teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh more involved in Miami's offense, which afforded Barkley an opportunity to jab at one of his favorite targets:

The relevant quote again, repeatedly, via Vine:

At halftime, after the Heat had cranked up their offensive execution and defensive pressure in the second quarter to take a 15-point lead into intermission, the crew broke down what had and hadn't worked for Miami and Indiana in the first half. That, too, ended in a goof!

O'Neal opened by saying that in a high-pressure situation like a Game 7, it's critical for coaches and players to avoid over-adjusting.

"There's an old saying in the NBA — do what got you here," Shaq said.

"Yeah, that's great analogy," Barkley replied sarcastically.

"It's not analogy. It's a saying," Shaq answered, which was completely correct. "Buttface."

("Grown-Ups 2," starring Shaquille O'Neal, in theaters July 12.)

Then, after the Heat had finished off a 99-76 beatdown of the Pacers to move on to the NBA Finals for the third straight year, Shaq relayed something the great Michael Jordan said to him about the importance of failure in a player's learning curve after M.J.'s veteran Chicago Bulls swept O'Neal's young Orlando Magic in the 1996 playoffs ... and Charles just couldn't help himself:

"Kazaam" jokes. Always a goldmine.

(Barkley also made fun of the women of San Antonio again, which was less charming.)

And finally, it was time for the "Inside the NBA" crew to do to themselves what they've done to so many eliminated NBA teams over the years — send them up and send them home with Photoshops and jokes in the beloved "Gone Fishin'" segment. E.J. donned a captain's hat, Charles opted for a more Gilliganesque chapeau, and Shaq snapped on a swimming cap and grabbed a fishing pole. Apparently, he hooked a big one:

Did Shaq actually accidentally fall over on live TV? Did he intentionally do it with all that shaking and rollicking to give the show a capper and a parting joke? Who knows? The important thing is, everyone loves physical comedy, especially as performed by Shaquille O'Neal. (Really, the more important thing is that there were folks on hand to prevent Shaq from getting any closer to a railing.)

So that's the way the season ended for "Inside the NBA" — and as Sports Illustrated media critic Richard Deitsch shared Tuesday morning, it was a really successful ending:

So I guess we can get ready for more of the same next year. Buttface ahoy!

Barkley-Bayless video via SocialSquirt. Barkley Vine via @recordsANDradio. "Buttface" video via nenedrost1. "Kazaam" goof via frank den.

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