C-a-C: This is probably as close to LeBron James working with John Waters as we’ll ever get

Dan Devine
May 25, 2012

As if it's not bad enough to miss a fast-break dunk on national television, LeBron James had to suffer the indignity of then being taunted by an inflatable pink flamingo wielded by Indiana Pacers fan Matt Asen. Obviously, Asen was thinking ... I don't know what the hell he was thinking.

But you do, right? So how about sharing with the class? Best caption about/explanation of this situation wins OODLES of flamingo facts for your Friday. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Allen Iverson was in full throat for Game 6 of Celtics/76ers.

Winner, Big S: "Gimme the ball! I'm in my range and I'm open!"

Runner-up, Orchard: "He's so excited he's puking up handrails."

Second runner-up, Matt: Apparently, the Celtics weren't the only ones to lay an egg in Philly during Game 6.