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C-a-C: Noted innovator Blake Griffin gives Nastia Liukin a birthday sandwich

Dan Devine
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Don't wish *out loud* for sweet onion teriyaki sauce. Then you won't get it! (AP)

What do you get for the woman who's got everything, including an Olympic gold medal in the women's artistic individual all-around competition, a Wheaties box and a girlswear line at JC Penney? That's right: You get her a sandwich. Many reasonable folks, including stalwart sandwich blogger Pete Holby, would argue that your choice of Subway leaves something to be desired, Blake Griffin, but generally speaking, the premise is sound. And clearly, Nastia Liukin is thrilled.

(Just make sure no candlewax gets on the bread, though.)

Best caption wins a dubstep reminder to eat fresh, duh. Good luck.

In our last adventure: John Wall has a sad, and on LudaDay Weekend, of all times.

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Poor John Wall. (Getty Images)

Winner, Azv321: John Wall holds back tears after watching a JaVale McGee montage set to "Time of Your Life" followed by an Andray Blatche montage set to "Closing Time."

Runner-up, The Devil: "I just don't get it. I stopped shooting three's. I blocked more shots. I even shot 48 percent in February. And still, somehow, my sophomore numbers looked the same as my rookie numbers. Oh, well. At least Andray's gone."

Second runner-up, Jarron: "Reebok?" (sigh)

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