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The Boston Celtics’ latest press conference was actually a bright, cheerful affair (Photos)

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

On Tuesday evening, Deadspin alerted us to the rather dour Boston Celtics press conference introducing the team’s newest Big Three, featuring Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks, and Kris Humphries. And it’s true that things started off on a sour note, as general manager Danny Ainge and rookie coach Brad Stevens introduced the three players that the team received in exchange for future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce:

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Not pictured: Gerald Wallace, crying in a corner (Getty Images)

Though we appreciate Deadspin’s take, we’re glass half-full types here at Ball Don’t Lie, and we’d like to think the media showing ended on a happy note.

Perhaps after Bogans and Brooks checked on their phones, and remembered that they’re combining to make nearly $6.2 million next season. Bogans alone is making over $5 million, just for being around long enough to become part of the sign-and-trade fodder to match Garnett and Pierce’s rather large contracts. Here’s a shot of the duo, after being given the wi-fi password for the Celtics’ media room:

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Kris Humphries go stare at wall now phone too hard (Getty Images)

The pair probably reminded Kris Humphries, who was previously just staring at a wall silently, that he’s making $12 million next year. As a result, the mood lifted:

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$18.15 million dollars (Getty Images)

Yay, rebuilding!

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