Ben Wallace knew he was in trouble right after his weekend arrest

Kelly Dwyer

It's hard to feel sorry for someone that was caught driving while impaired, with rounds of ammunition in his truck's center console and an unloaded gun in the backseat area, but if remorse is any indication, Detroit's Ben Wallace knows that he is in the weeds right now, and he's saying all the right things.

Wallace admitted as such right away, according to Bloomfield Township police. The Pistons big man and former All-Star was pulled over last weekend after police noticed his SUV swerving a bit, and they determined he was intoxicated before finding the ammo and the gun that was concealed in a backpack.

Here's the story, from the Detroit News:

In an interview room, Wallace told police the handgun belonged to his wife, was registered only to her, and he had placed it in the backpack for protection before driving from Virginia back to Michigan the day before.

He said he had "completely forgot the gun was in his backpack and when he got back to Michigan went out with his buddy and had some drinks …," according to a police report written by Lt. Mark Paquin, who said Wallace said "if he had known tonight was going to end up this way, he would have done things differently."


"Mr. Wallace said he knew he was in the wrong, and he shouldn't have had the gun, he also told me that he was a criminal justice major in college," Lt. Mark Paquin wrote in his report.

The DWI carries a misdemeanor charge, but the unlawful presence of that fire arm carries a felony price tag. Worse for Wallace is the realization that the presiding judge in this case is the one that came down hard on Jalen Rose after his drunk driving accident earlier this year.

Also, because of the NBA-induced terms of the current lockout, the Pistons can have no comment on the matter. Though it doesn't make up for his misstep, Wallace's initial comments are coming off quite well, however.

(HT: Piston Powered.)