BDL Finals chat!

Kelly Dwyer
June 9, 2009

"My whole thing — while I understand where you're coming from with the whole ‘fort' idea — is just that it's a common courtesy. I put my headphones on because you ‘just don't get' Philip Glass, I think you should return the favor and allow me unfettered access to the aisle. Access that, and you cannot deny this, I was given by way of my ‘aisle seat' designation on my ticket. It's only fair. Stop laughing at Machine.

"Listen, everyone's already off the plane. Phil already talked the security guards down, and away from Kobe. Sun Yue's(notes) got all our bags already in the lobby. I'm tired of messing around with you. I have to get to my room, plug in my internet machine, and click the jump for BDL's Finals chat, at 3 p.m., EDT.

"Nothing? Still? I miss Chris."