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All the Atlanta Hawks wore headbands on Tuesday, and people were pretty confused by it

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Nary a wet forehead among them. (Image via @BeyondTheBuzzer)

As we tuned into Tuesday night's TNT broadcast of the matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors, we were met with an odd, terrycloth realization:

That's not something they usually do. And because the full-roster headbandry had in no way been explained to this point, this realization led to some confusion among dutiful NBA watchers:

The headbanding of one Hawk, in particular, seemed to trouble quite a few fans.

The slander even went international.

Finally, the team explained:

Duh. Obviously. Why, what do YOU do when it's the last home game of the season?

We should note that one keen observer had the explanation pegged well before the Hawks clarified matters:

The lesson, as always: Listen to Chicago Bulls radio play-by-play man Chuck Swirsky. Sound advice, always.

Tiled image up top via Beyond the Buzzer.

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