The Atlanta Hawks employ a ‘Blurred Lines’ parody to explain in-arena conduct (Video)

Eric Freeman
November 5, 2013

For the most part, NBA teams have embraced the new media landscape in which promotion and marketing departments use fun internet memes to advance their brands. They've gotten pretty good at it, almost to the point where nothing can truly be funny, only cute or clever. Take, for instance, this Dallas Mavericks season tickets promo in which Dirk Nowitzki apes the Geico ad with a camel professing his love of Wednesday. Once you get it, is it possible to do anything other than smirk? Did anyone have strong feelings about this video?

Thankfully, the Atlanta Hawks are here to save us from our casual consumption of meme-oriented basketball promo videos. When it came time to produce a short message on proper conduct at Philips Arena, they did not settle on a simple informative message. Instead, they wrote a parody of Robin Thicke's superhit "Blurred Lines" and had PA announcer Ryan Cameron sing it. The results, available for viewing above (via SB Nation) are fascinating.

The idea is fairly simple — that a song about blurring lines of proper behavior lends itself well to a message about how to comport one's self in a public venue. Crucially, though, the Hawks did not settle on a simple joke and attempt to produce it as professionally as possible. Rather, the charm of this clip is in how amateurish it is. The autotune is both piercing and inconsistent, the lyrics are somewhat incomprehensible even though they exist to teach fans a valuable lesson, and Cameron owns it all as if he were the world's best performer.

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Let this be an example, NBA media employees. Do not let your commitment to your job keep you from expressing the joy and insanity that makes this league so wonderful.

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