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  • Magic Johnson: 'If I don't see another 3-pointer from a Laker team, I'll be happy.'

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie9 hrs ago

    During the 1990-91 season, a campaign that saw the Los Angeles Lakers ride a fifth-ranked offense all the way to the NBA Finals, Magic Johnson and Byron Scott led the team in attempting 250 and 219 3-pointers, respectively. No other Laker even broke triple digits in triples attempts, as the aging Laker backcourt relied more and more on the perimeter bombs to contribute.

    It would be the last season the two would play together, as Johnson retired the next November after being diagnosed with HIV, and Scott went on to a respected journeyman career as a 3-point specialist. Both eventually returned to the Lakers for one final NBA season – Magic in 1996, Scott the next season – with Magic continuing to rely on his push shot from outside the arc, and Scott taking nearly half his attempts from long range.

    This is why it was more than a little curious that Magic would offer a particularly nasty take on the shot that has served him so well, in talking up Scott’s recent hire as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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