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  • Drug dealers are now naming heroin after Stephen Curry

    Dan Devine at Ball Don't Lie1 day ago

    As Stephen Curry has improved and developed into the NBA's most potent offensive force and its Most Valuable Player over the past couple of years, he has also become one of the sport's highest-profile superstars, a pitchman par excellence who has become ubiquitous thanks in part to endorsement deals with Degree, Kaiser Permanente, JBL, Brita, Fanatics, Chase and, of course, Under Armour. While we've grown accustomed to seeing Curry's face in all sorts of places, it's a safe bet that the Golden State Warriors point guard never envisioned his mug appearing on this particular product:

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    Thinking Steph Curry wouldn't be happy that he is this week's brand for heroin in Philly. cc: @StephenCurry30

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