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  • Dunk History: Gerald Green's buzzer-beating off-the-backboard alley-oop

    Ben Rohrbach at Ball Don't Lie3 days ago

    As the summer wears on, with training camps and preseason play still off in (what feels like) the distant future, we turn our attention to the past. Join us as we while away a few late-summer moments recalling some of the most scintillating slams of yesteryear, the most thunderous throwdowns ever to sear themselves into our memories. This is Dunk History.

    Today, Ben Rohrbach revisits Gerald Green's buzzer-beating off-the-backboard alley-oop.

    You might think someone who had a portion of his right ring finger severed while dunking in a doorway as a sixth-grader might develop an aversion to the basketball art form. Not Gerald Green.

    For background, here's a New York Daily News description of Green's gruesome injury circa 1999.

    The ring caught on a nail and his finger was ripped to the bone.

    Amputation was the only option.

    "All you saw was nothing but white bone, like a skeleton," Green said. "They said my tendons, all my ligaments were ripped out."

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