Anthony Mason used to act as a bouncer at LL Cool J’s barbecues because of course

Kelly Dwyer

Rapper/actor/activist LL Cool J can often be spotted at both New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers games; as the man is clearly a big fan of NBA basketball. In a recent interview with SLAM Magazine, LL discusses his interactions with several NBA stars both past and present, including Kobe Bryant ("he was talking real tough"), Michael Jordan ("a huge inspiration"), and Magic Johnson ("one of my good friends").

As is usually the case with the mid-1990s New York Knicks, though, LL saved his finest anecdote in talking about Anthony Mason's role in the Queens native's backyard barbecue. From Adam Figman's session with the star:

SLAM: You grew up in New York City. Always been a Knicks fan?

LL: I grew up a Knicks fan, but you know what? I was always conflicted because Mike was so inspiring during the time when I was coming up in New York. But Pat Ewing was always a good friend of mine. Oakley [was a good friend], after he came to New York. I knew all the players. Anthony Mason was my man—he used to be in Queens all the time in my neighborhood. He used to throw guys out of barbecues for me. They were talking trash to me and Anthony Mason used to come in and grab them and be like, “Y’all gotta go! Y’all gotta go!” He was my man.

I wouldn't want Anthony Mason working any other role than the one LL Cool J described. It's perfect.

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