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Ball Don't Lie

Antawn Jamison passes ball directly into referee’s face (VIDEO)

"Oh, man. I thought you were gonna do one of these [makes curving hand motion]." — Antawn Jamison to Lester Hudson, probably.

Amazingly, this was the Cleveland Cavaliers' best highlight from Tuesday night's 39-point loss to the Detroit Pistons. Oh, well. If you're going to turn the ball over — as Jamison did four times in the blowout loss during an 0-for-10 shooting night he'll be very eager to forget about — you might as well go for the gusto.

(Also, let it never be said that referee Nick Buchert has a suspect chin. He powered through that one like a champ.)

Is the clip above not working for you? Feel free to watch the errant pass elsewhere, thanks to Johnyyou21.

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