Allen Iverson has made it to Turkey

Kelly Dwyer

Turkey? Your ball-dominating eagle has landed. And he's sporting a pretty awesome Phillies cap that Juan Samuel used to wear.

After hearing from good authority that Allen Iverson(notes) had missed his first flight to Turkey (via Woj), the former NBA MVP has touched down in Istanbul, ready to begin a two-year contract that I'm sure he'll fulfill in the same manner he displayed in his time with the Philadelphia 76ers (leaving the team twice, in December of 2006 and last spring), the Detroit Pistons (in the spring of 2009) and the Memphis Grizzlies (this time, last year).

Nothing but good can come of this because Allen Iverson is well aware of his reputation, is trying desperately to change his image and wants to make things right.

Sarcasm scans well on the Internet, right?

Jerky jokes aside, I hope AI finds the happiness in Turkey that has clearly been eluding him stateside. And I'm pretty sure you're right with me in hoping that an "I-get-it-now" version of Iverson returning to the NBA in two years (once his contract has lapsed), and proceeding to put some team over the top would be a pretty amazing story. For us observing, and those on the inside. Something to pine for.

In the meantime, make the best of it, AI.