The 76ers are looking for ex-player Mark McNamara, champion outdoorsman

Kelly Dwyer
November 14, 2011

The NBA has only been around for 65 years, so you'd think that every NBA player past and present would be on the grid, ready to be found for any luncheon and/or basic cable retrospective.

There's one former reserve center on a championship team that has said "no thanks" to all that, as he dries his venison in anticipation for a long winter.

From Peter Vecsey's latest column in the New York Post:

"Former 76ers coach Billy Cunningham had a reunion dinner for the '83 championship team at his Philadelphia home in September. Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Andrew Toney, Maurice Cheeks, the whole shebang showed up, including support staff such as PR man Harvey Pollack. The lone player not to attend was Mark McNamara, who is a forest ranger. No one knew how to contact him."

Pretty weak, Philadelphia 76ers. You couldn't have contacted The Falconer?

(That sketch is terrible, by the way. Don't click on the link. But do properly prepare your venison for the coming months.)