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From the Marbles

Wreck(s) of the Week: Everybody hates everybody edition

From The Marbles

There were so many different high-quality wrecks this weekend that it's impossible to sort 'em all out, so we're going to run 'em all right here and let you sort 'em out. Up top, we've got Jamie McMurray and Vickers battling to take each other out of the race; Vickers won that one.

Next up: Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth kill their own chances at a Cup:


And then Greg Biffle found himself the meat in a Chaser sandwich ... or, maybe, the tomato, since nobody likes tomato in their sandwich:

And, finally, Dale Earnhardt Jr. got a little too close to the curb in just the 7th lap of the race, knocking around half a dozen other cars:

Wow. Going to take a while for all those hot feelings to cool down, yes?

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