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Want: Dover now offers commemorative casino chip for races

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It's no secret that we love our NASCAR collectibles around here, as evidenced by our They Make It 'Cause We Buy It series. And we're also poker players around these parts, too. (Anybody for a Marbles online poker tourney? Say so in the comments below.)

Anyway, the point. Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, sister company of Dover Motorsports, has created a Monster Mile casino chip for September's race weekend at Dover International Speedway. This is the first of what's expected to be an ongoing series of chips for each race.

Now, these are indeed limited-edition chips, with only 5,000 being produced, and will only be available at the Dover Downs casino. No word on whether you can immediately turn around and bet these chips on your favorite drivers, but I'm betting you can. Turn that $5 into $25 if Jimmie Johnson wins, or turn that $5 into air if you bet it on [insert winless driver here so as to avoid offending a huge green-clad section of the readership].

I see precedent here. Dover has a casino, so chips are the proper collectible. So what kind of collectible would Daytona offer?* How about Talladega?** Fontana?*** Take your best shots, friends.

*-Back tattoos.
**-Sunburnt roadkill.
***-A comfy pillow.

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