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The songs drivers should pick for their Bristol entrance music

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Over the last few years, drivers have been able to pick their own driver intro music for the night Bristol race, but let's be honest, most of the choices have stunk. Very rarely have drivers had music that's appropriate to their personality or season, and instead have gone with cliche stadium anthems.

While most of the drivers competing in Saturday night's race have already made their choices, here are what some Sprint Cup drivers should have chosen for the race. And if a driver does end up choosing one of the songs listed here, we're going to take full credit. (If this was the Nationwide race, we'd be obligated to say that Morgan Shepherd would choose "Jesus Take the Wheel.")

Jimmie Johnson: "As Good As I Once Was" -- Toby Keith. Yes, Michael Waltrip chose this for his Bristol intro song already, but it's extremely appropriate given the impending demise of Johnson. Of course, that's overstated, but most of NASCAR Nation is anxiously waiting the collapse of the Knaus-Johnson empire, and this is the first prolonged streak of not-so-greatness that we've seen from the 48 bunch in a long time.

Kevin Harvick: "The Pants" -- Brad Paisley. Wouldn't you love for Harvick to admit that Delana really is the boss?

Kyle Busch: "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" -- The Offspring. Come on, if there was a NASCAR driver that fit this song, it'd be Kyle. And I think that the guy in the video has Kyle's sunglasses on.

Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski: As long as one picks Notorious B.I.G. and the other goes with Tupac Shakur, it doesn't matter what songs they pick. Of course, not many in attendance would get the references, but it would be a great chance to have a little fun with the Team Brad and Team Carl stuff. Or they could take that to the next level and both go with Twilight songs.

Kurt Busch: "Domestic Light and Cold" -- Dierks Bentley. The master of the Miller Lite sponsor plug should keep the theme going. However, given that the song doesn't mention the Vortex bottle, the chances are slim that the elder Busch will use this.

Jeff Gordon: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" -- Pat Benetar. Gordon has said that he doesn't want to create any more feuds given the drivers he's ticked off over the course of the season, but you've got to wonder if Gordon should be inviting the payback Saturday night to get it over with before the Chase starts.

Joey Logano: "Teenage Dream" -- Katy Perry." Yes, Joey isn't a teenager anymore, but given that Kasey Kahne's got the cougar market locked down, Logano should embrace the fans in his generation. But I don't know if Logano could get anyone's heart racing in skin-tight jeans because I'm not so sure that anyone makes jeans that skinny.

Dave Blaney: It doesn't matter what song Blaney picks, just as long as it stops three seconds after it starts.

Got any others? Drop us a line in the comments.

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