Phat Matt Kenseth plays DJ, workin’ those wheels of steel

Jay Busbee
May 30, 2012

When you think NASCAR music, what do you think? Yeah, yeah, "Sweet Home Alabama," Toby Keith, the Star-Spangled Banner, yee-haw, et cetera. Turns out that in truth, some NASCAR fans, and some drivers, have a bit broader musical tastes.

Recently, Matt Kenseth took a few minutes to sit down with KCRW in California for their "Guest DJ Project," discussing the songs that shaped his life. You can check out and download the entire show right here, or you can read on and see his choices.

1. "Mr. Jones," Counting Crows

"That song I guess just reminds me a lot of my buddy, one of my best friends that I grew up with. His name is Matt. We're still real good friends, and that songs just reminds me of him and I hanging out at a bar somewhere and having cold beers and talking about life in general, kind of 'what you want to be when you grow up', I guess."

2. "Tough Guys," REO Speedwagon

"I still remember our first two albums. I guess they were 33's that my sister and I were allowed to have. My first two albums actually were Def Leopard "Pyromania" and REO Speedwagon "High Infidelity", so those were the first two that we ever had and we played on our old record player."

3. "Blackened," Metallica

"I remember I was driving ... I think I was 16 or 17. We stopped at a gas station in this little town in Wisconsin, close to where I grew up, and I went in to pay for my gas and I saw the Metallica "…And Justice For All" tapes sitting there and I heard my friend Matt talk about Metallica, and other people, but I'd never listened to them before so I grabbed the tape, paid for my gas, paid for the tape. I went out and popped it in my tape player in my car and took off and that was the first song that came on and I was like 'Wow, what is this'?"

4. "So Far Away," Staind

"It was actually the year that we won our championship is when I heard that song. But it mainly just reminds me of today and what's in front of you is important, and not so much yesterday and mistakes you've made in your life and career."

5. "With Arms Wide Open," Creed

"The lyrics to this song hit home. I think when you have kids, thinking about your kids and thinking about their future, and start thinking about maybe some of the things you did in the past or maybe the habits you have that you definitely don't want them to have. ... That was the kind of song whenever I hear it, I think about my kids."

Hmmm. I wonder what songs other drivers would choose as their favorites ... ?