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Jay Busbee

NASCAR tags Waltrip teams with post-Texas violations

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NASCAR has handed down penalties to four teams -- No. 00 (David Reutimann), No. 13 (Max Papis, near right), No. 47 (Marcos Ambrose) and No. 56 (Martin Truex Jr.) -- for a variety of post-Texas inspection violations.

Bootie Barker (far right) and Frank Kerr, crew chiefs of the 13 and 47, have been fined $75 large apiece and placed on probation until Dec. 31 for violations largely stemming from a radiator pan which wasn't approved by NASCAR. Both teams lost 50 owner's points and 50 driver's points.

Meanwhile, Rodney Childers and Pat Tryson, chiefs of the 00 and 56 cars, received $25,000 fines and were put on probation until the end of the year.

At issue was a radiator pan which NASCAR said had not been officially submitted for approval. "We accept NASCAR's ruling and will not appeal because we cannot debate whether the part was submitted, only whether or not the part needed submission," said Cal Wells, MWR executive vice president. "This gives us a clear line of sight on how parts need to be submitted for approval. We will work diligently with NASCAR in the future on all new parts to ensure this does not happen to MWR again."

Reports that MWR also included a hand-drawn crayon picture showing how much MWR loves NASCAR remain unconfirmed, though MWR did clean its room really, really well and eat everything on its plate, including vegetables.

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