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Jay Busbee

Midnight Marbles: Carl Edwards shows his weapon of choice

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Hey there, all -- time for another Midnight Marbles to close out the week. And who better to lead us into Texas than the man who won there twice last year, Cousin Carl Edwards! Just check out those six-shooters -- they look pretty mean, even if Carl is holding them like they were a tea set.

If the NASCAR drivers were cowboys -- an idea that somebody needs to turn into a commercial, pronto -- I'm thinking Carl would be the idealistic sheriff who's come to town to instill law and order. And he'd flip backwards off his horse every time he stopped at the saloon for a drink -- milk, of course.

Let's follow it outward from there -- Kyle Busch would be the wily but mouthy young gunslinger, Jimmie Johnson would be the quiet loner with the lightning-fast draw, Tony Stewart would be the foulmouthed Al Swearengen-style owner of the town casino/brothel ... feel free to run with this one.

Have a good weekend, and as always, hit me up with thoughts, links, tips and so on. Time for Texas! Fill your hand, you son of a ... seeya!

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