Michigan, Martinsville lay wager on Sugar Bowl

Jay Busbee
December 28, 2011

College sports are the paragon of amateur integrity (what? stop laughing!), but that doesn't mean we can't have a friendly wager now and then, right?

Take, for instance, next week's Allstate Sugar Bowl. The Michigan Wolverines do battle against the Virginia Tech Hokies, and as part of the festivities, the two NASCAR tracks most closely associated with those programs, Michigan and Martinsville, have placed a little bet of their own.

If the Hokies win, MIS track president Roger Curtis will travel to Martinsville in April to serve Martinsville hot dogs while wearing the Hokies' maroon and burnt orange. And if the Wolverines win, Martinsville head honcho Clay Campbell will do the reverse, heading to Michigan to serve MIS's Coney Dogs wearing blue and yellow. (Campbell, not the dogs.)

That's nice and all, but there ought to be something with interest for the rest of us. Like, the winning track gets the right to put in a ramp, or the right to keep one driver out of the lineup of the other track's race, or something cool like that. But this'll do, I suppose.

The Sugar Bowl is January 3. Keep your browser tuned to Yahoo! Sports for full coverage...but probably not in the NASCAR section.