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Michael Waltrip plans to run with DW on his hood soon

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NASCAR rides have had some bizarre paint schemes, but here's one that might just give the kiddies nightmares: Darrell Waltrip his own boogity self, plastered all over the front hood of bro Michael Waltrip's car.

The No. 15 was supposed to run at Kentucky, but rain interrupted the qualifying. Therefore, Waltrip will run the car at either Bristol or Talladega, whichever event he ends up doing. The scheme, of course, commemorates DW's well-deserved induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

"We've talked about maybe Bristol because Darrell had so much success there as a driver," Waltrip said. "But I think Darrell likes Talladega better because he knows I can run up front there and maybe we can win in his car."

Were it any other race in any other year, we'd say he's insane. But this is Talladega we're talking, where anything can happen, so it's quite likely he might end up out front somewhere. Or causing a 20-car pileup, whichever.

(Side note: Waltrip wasn't pleased that he missed out on qualifying despite having one of the fastest cars at Kentucky, as rain washed out the qualifying effort. But of the cars which got grandfathered in, six parked within the first 40 laps. Ah, start-and-parking.)

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