Memories and hope: The week that was @ The Marbles

Jay Busbee
October 22, 2011
Dan Wheldon’s death: so many questions with no answers
Dan Wheldon’s death: so many questions with no answers

Did you miss a day or two of the Marbles this week? No sweat, we've got you covered. Here's what was happening as we approached Talladega:

• The passing of Dan Wheldon leaves us with so many questions, so few answers.

• In the wake of Wheldon's death, Jimmie Johnson said IndyCar doesn't belong on certain ovals, and he got plenty of (unjustified) grief for his comments.

• The Nationwide Series announced its 2012 schedule, and it looks like Kyle Busch will be running most of the races with his new Nationwide team.

• Which NASCAR drivers could star in a remake of "The Breakfast Club"?

• Holy sweet heaven, look at the size of the burger Joey Logano tried (and, alas, failed) to eat on "Man Vs. Food Nation."

• Jeff Gordon is getting part of Interstate 85 named after him. It's going to start out spectacularly well and then finish a lot rockier than you'd expect.

• Finally, don't share this video of the world's greatest Hot Wheels track with your kids. They'll expect you to make it.

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