Marcos Ambrose punched Casey Mears after a discussion following Richmond race

Nick Bromberg
Marcos Ambrose punched Casey Mears after a discussion following Richmond race

A post-race confrontation about possible on-track contact between Marcos Ambrose and Casey Mears included some off-track contact.

As the two drivers were discussing what had happened in Saturday night's race at Richmond, Mears grabbed Ambrose and attempted to push him over to the side of where the two were standing. Ambrose wasn't having any of it and landed a punch to the side of Mears' head.

The contact knocked the hat off Mears' head and he immediately reached for the side of his face.

Once the punch was landed, Ambrose was pushed away from the scene as Mears' crew members rushed towards him and his own crew members came to his aid.

Ambrose finished 18th while Mears finished 19th in the race won by Joey Logano. While the two could have been discussing contact from the final stages of the race, they also made contact on track earlier in the race as Ambrose had to make an impressive save from spinning his car.

NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said after the race that the sanctioning body would investigate the incident but that NASCAR didn't think it was too severe.

It certainly could have been more severe had crew members not been around. But this is NASCAR, after all. It's a sport that launched into national prominence off one of the most famous fights in U.S. sports history.

It's also the second Richmond race-weekend in two years that's had a notable post-race confrontation. Following last spring's Nationwide Series race at the track, Nelson Piquet Jr. kicked Brian Scott in a sensitive area below the belt on pit road. However, Ambrose's punch was much harder than Piquet's kick, and it's not even close. Mears may be sporting a bruise for a few days.

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