The Marbles Fantasy League update: Always bet on 48

Jay Busbee

The NASCAR season is rolling now, and we have your winners from California and your season-long leaders.

bigrracing ran out a team of Jimmie Johnson, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and Scott Speed, good enough for 385 points. Close behind were the OBGYN-Kenobis (best name of the year so far) and BoogityBoogityBoogity. Season leaders are bigrracing, Turn 4 Ghost, and BoogityBoogityBoogity.

It's never too late to join our league. Here's how. Click on that graphic there at right or right here to get to the Auto Racing fantasy sports page. You'll be joining "Friends of From the Marbles," and here's your sign-in info:

Group ID: 31
Password: marbles (sneaky, yes?)

Go on, do it! Next up is Vegas. Viva los Marbles!