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How many times will FOX say ‘Danica’ on Sunday night?

So you've probably heard that Danica Patrick is going to be running in the Coca-Cola 600 rather than the Indy 500 this weekend. You'll hear about it a lot more in the coming days. Above is a video documenting all the uses of the name "Danica" in this year's Daytona 500, and it clocked in at an astonishing 47 mentions. Not bad for someone who did just two laps before getting wrecked out. Extrapolating that out for the Coca-Cola 600 (yes, we know some of that was prerace; roll with it), we would hear the name "Danica" an astounding 9,400 times Sunday night. Whew!

Look, I'm not going to count the mentions, but if you want to go and craft a video like this, we'll definitely find some cool prize for you ... once you come out of your Danica daze, that is.

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