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Looking to get hitched? Love NASCAR? We have a deal for ya

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Weddings and NASCAR go together like peanut butter and bananas -- you wouldn't expect them to work, but damned if they don't. Nothing says "let's start our life together" quite like the smell of burning rubber and the sound of 750-horsepower engines.

Recognizing the romantic possibilities inherent in a NASCAR race, Auto Club Speedway in California is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime deal: get married (or remarried, or renew your vows) at the track on 10/10/10. Even better? Michael Waltrip is going to be your best man, and Miss Sprint Cup your maid of honor!

Here's the deal: the second Cali race is on October 10, 2010, a once-in-a-century confluence of 10s. To commemorate that, the speedway will run a whole parade of weddings before the Pepsi 400. (And, if things go badly, you might be able to get remarried to someone else after the race.)

Anyway, there are three levels of ceremony, the "Let's Get Hitched" package, the "Tie the Knot" package, and the "Wedding Bells" package. All offer tickets to the race for you and your guests, along with increasing levels of amenities and perks like photos with Waltrip and Miss Cup, plus a celebratory lap around the track. No word on whether they'll have lesser packages such as the "Might As Well, Nothing Better's Coming Along" package, the "Don't Tell My Daddy" package and the "All Right, Guess We Have To Do This Now" package.

If you're interested, hit up the Speedway for more details. And if you do go and get married, make sure to let us know where you're registered. Otherwise we're going to just dump a lot of Tony Stewart #20 gear on ya.

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