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Jay Busbee

Long as we're reworking NASCAR rules, why not dump the Chase?

Jay Busbee
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It's a season of rebirth in NASCAR Nation, a time when every rule is getting looked over, every sacred cow getting fitted for the grill. Gone are bump-drafting rules and rear wings, in is a new attitude (allegedly) that will permit both personality and talent to shine. It's a good workover, yes?

Well, it's a good start.

As long as we're taking a hard look at rules, Steve Kaminski of MLive recommends NASCAR throw out the biggest of big dogs -- the Chase. Now,

Poor Jimmie Johnson. Last year, he became the first driver to win four consecutive titles. But critics say the same thing about those championships that they say about Pamela Anderson: Those aren't real.

You can never go wrong with boob jokes, I say. (Especially at funerals.) And Kaminski makes a good point -- as dominant as he's been, Johnson is still perceived as a tool of the system, even though he still would have likely won at least three of the four titles under the old system. But Kaminski goes for more than just the easy rack lines:

The problem is the Chase has turned NASCAR into the NBA. I start paying attention to the NBA when the playoffs start. Too many teams qualify for the postseason, and it reduces the significance of the regular season.

The Chase has done the same thing to Sprint Cup. True, the Chase livens up the final 10 races, but what about the first 26?

It's an interesting point. I'm not nearly as anti-Chase as a lot of folks, but I'm for anything that would juice up the final races of the year. Shoot, I say reset all the points at Homestead. That wouldn't cause any problems, would it?

All right, your take. Chase or no Chase?

NASCAR's changing rules, so let's dump the Chase [MLive]

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