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Jeff Gordon gets his revenge with a prank on unsuspecting 'cab rider'

Jay Busbee
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Jeff Gordon in disguise.

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Jeff Gordon in disguise.

You may remember the Jeff Gordon "test drive" ad from about a year ago, when Gordon, in disguise, appeared to take a hapless used-car salesman on the ride of his life. Well, as it turned out, most of that ad was staged; Gordon himself wasn't even behind the wheel for much of the ad.

But never let it be said Gordon doesn't have a long memory ... or a desire for revenge. Gordon and the folks at Pepsi zeroed in on Travis Okulski, a writer for Jalopnik who wrote a scathing takedown of the commercial. With a little help from Okulski's bosses, they got Okulski into a cab in North Carolina, and, well ... magic happens. This one's a bit long but worth it.

Nice work there by Gordon in playing a reasonably convincing ex-con who ain't gonna go back to prison. The lesson is clear: don't mess with Gordon.

Now, let's be clear: you can be forgiven for thinking this is yet another hoax. We're used to this thing by now: something that seems too good to be true in fact IS too good to be true, whether it's Jeff Gordon test-driving or a wolf wandering the hallways of the Sochi athletic dorm. If this is a scam, however, Okulski and Jalopnik are both staking their journalistic reputations on it:

"This is absolutely, 100%, totally legit," Okulski told Yahoo Sports. "Not fake in any way at all. I was really that terrified."


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