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Jay Busbee

Hey, what's a NASCAR All-Star race without some new rules?

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We're within sight of the All-Star race, and this is NASCAR, so you know what's coming next: rules changes!

That's right, in an effort to liven things up in the All-Star Race (give NASCAR credit, they're trying to liven everything up), there'll now be a mandatory four-tire stop. There'll be the same 10-lap shootout that was so much fun last year, but now there's going to be a full stop preceding that. The order that cars come out of pit road is the order they're going to be on that stop.

In other words, there are going to be an awful lot of very nervous pit crews. First prize is a million bucks, after all. Has anybody ever lost a job because they screwed up in an all-star competition?

The format for the May 22 race is the same confusing mess as last year -- a 50-lap segment with a mandatory four-tire stop after lap 25, then two 20-lap segments, then the new four-tire stop, then the final 10 laps.

All right, a pit stop is cool and all, but let's think about how we can change this even more. What else would you add to make this a better race? Car swap? Spelling contest? Swimsuit competition? Go!

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