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Helio Castroneves would give up sex for a year if he could win another Indy 500

Helio Castroneves has won three Indy 500s. And come this Sunday, he wants another. Bad. Reeeeeal bad.

On Thursday, Castroneves told a local radio show that he'd give up sex for an entire year to win Indy one more time. Castroneves asked whether the restriction was only on his girlfriend, or if he could play the hypothetical field in this hypothetical question that probably got him in a bit of real trouble, and was told, nope, everyone's off limits.

“I would not give up Indy, my friend, I’ll tell you that,” he added. “I think I can handle one year without sex because Indy is Indy.”

Yes, this is a hypothetical question. Very much so. Who would orchestrate such a trade? What would they have to offer the other drivers? How would Helio be tracked? The mind boggles.

Castroneves is one of the co-favorites to win at 7-1, along with Scott Dixon, Marco Andretti and Ed Carpenter. Both Castroneves and Dario Franchitti are seeking a record-tying fourth Indy 500 win.

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