Friday’s Nationwide race on Speed instead of ESPN

Nick Bromberg
From the Marbles

If you're frantically, fruitlessly searching through ESPN and ESPN2 on your guide for Friday night's Natiownide race at Richmond, there's a reason you're not finding it.

It's on Speed.

With the NBA Playoffs in high gear and the NFL Draft's move to a three-day affair, both ESPN and ESPN2 were spoken for. And ABC is airing a special on the Royal Wedding Friday night. And while you may be like me and not care one bit about it, it's pretty safe to say that more people care about William and Kate than they do about Justin Allgaier and Jason Leffler.

Thus the move to Speed. The network will be using its own production crew for the event, so it'll probably resemble a Camping World Truck Series race. And it's a good tuneup for the folks at Speed anyway, as in just over three weeks the network will be broadcasting the All-Star race.

Undoubtedly though, there will be some NASCAR fans who won't be able to see the race because of the switch. Speed is available in approximately 82 million homes, while ESPN and ESPN2 are each available in approximately 100 million homes.

If you're included in that 18 million, what's your plan? My suggestion is to head to a bar with a television, or simply get outside and enjoy the spring weather if possible. For as much as we all enjoy obsessing over every detail of NASCAR, it's not going to hurt you if you missed a midseason Nationwide race.