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Jay Busbee

Four Wide: What was the story with the white Roush cars?

Jay Busbee
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• So what was the deal with the all-white Jack Roush cars in Saturday's Nationwide race? The truth is a little better for the long-term health of the sport than you might expect. [NASCAR Insiders]

• Will the spoiler be in place by the Texas race in April? Mike Helton says there's a "doggone good chance." Yee-haw! Strike a match and stoke the fire, mama! Wheee-doggie! [Racin' Today]

• NASCAR has tagged William Hileman, a crew member from the No. 76 team in the Camping World Truck Series, for substance abuse violations, and will be suspending him indefinitely. [SpeedTV]

• Shell/Pennzoil, Richard Childress Racing and Kevin Harvick are all lovey-lovey now. But with their contracts all coming to an end at the conclusion of the 2010 season, who knows where we'll all be this time next year? [Scene Daily]

• Remembering Jake Elder, who could have taught Chad Knaus a thing or two about crewing a car. [Insider Racing News]

• Nice gesture: Dale Earnhardt Jr. is donating $1 million to the Victory Junction camp to create the Dale Jr. Corral and Amphitheater. It's such a magnanimous effort that I will restrain from making jokes about horses missing their paddocks in the corral. Way to go, Dale! [Miami Herald]

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