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Four Wide: The #48 wins No. 48 in California

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Jimmie Johnson's deal with the devil? (Alleged.) Still very much in effect. A perfect pit time -- just before a caution -- and suddenly he's in front of the Auto Club 500 in California. And when JJ gets to the front, he's rather good. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

• Speaking of Harvick, did Darrell Waltrip jinx him with a late "Boogity, boogity, boogity"? Oh, sweet heaven, please, no. Let's not give DW any more power than he already has. [Nuts & Bolts]

• Yeah, that second-place finish at Daytona? A distant memory already for Dale Earnhardt Jr., who suffered a broken axle in Cali and plummeted a long, long way down the standings. Ouch. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

• California's crowd was one of the smallest in track history. Time to consider pulling the plug on the second Cali date when Kansas angles for its second date in 2011. (Beware: autoplaying video at the link. Memo to enough with the autoplay.) [CBS Sports]

Danica Patrick has no idea what the hell she's doing behind the wheel of a Nationwide car. (Relatively speaking, of course. She'd smoke you, me, and anyone else you've ever met.) But let's not completely throw out the GoDaddy baby with the bathwater. It's okay that she's lost out there ... for the moment. [Scene Daily]

• Sad news: a woman died at the Arizona Nationals on Saturday after being hit by a tire that detached from Antron Brown's dragster during a wreck. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

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