Ferrari modifies name of F1 car after Ford lawsuit

That didn't take long.

Just a day after Ford filed suit against Ferrari, alleging that Ferrari's Formula 1 car name of F150 infringed upon Ford's truck of a similar name, Ferrari has renamed their 2011 Formula 1 car the F150th Italia.

From Autoweek:

The name emerged on the Ferrari Web site on Thursday in a routine story about progress with the car at the Jerez, Spain, test. Ferrari also republished its Jan. 25 story -- in which the F150 name was first announced -- exactly as before but with the new name in place.

The test story read: "The first day of testing for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro got off on the right foor at the Cheste circuit, near Valencia. Before the lunch break, Fernando Alonso completed just over 200 kilometers at the wheel of the Ferrari F150th Italia."

There has been no further explanation so far.

No word if this will satisfy Ford's claim and the company will drop the lawsuit, but it's pretty telling that Ferrari moved so quickly to clarify the name of their Formula 1 car.